With your input, we choose the grass that is best suited for your environment. The amount of shade, or lack thereof, and the amount of drainage are conditions to consider when choosing the appropriate grass. If you prefer to seed, instead of sod, we can sow Bermuda, Fescue, Winter Rye, or Clover in the Spring, early Summer, or mid-fall.

At Outdoor Creations we always recommend sodding for lawn improvement. Simply defined, it is the process of putting special types of grass or turf (technically called sods) over a certain expanse of soil. This technique is well-loved among professional landscaping contractors for its proven aesthetic and utilitarian benefits, as well as benefits to the environment.

Specifically, this landscaping process is known to provide these wonderful benefits:

  • Easy maintenance. Sodded areas are easier to maintain than those planted with seeded grass. With sodding, only mature grass is planted which naturally requires very minimal maintenance. This translates not only lesser effort on your part, but also great savings on utility and maintenance costs.

  • Sodding Weed-free. Unlike lawns that are seeded, sodded lawns are virtually and pleasantly weed-free. This means that you won’t have to worry about nasty weeds ruining the health and beauty of your lawn.

  • Can be planted on inclined, hilly areas. Unlike seeded grass lawns, sods can be placed in uneven or inclined soil. This maximizes land area use, which is a golden rule in landscaping.

  • Environment-friendly. Sods are tested to be friendly to nature. For one, its weed-free benefit means that harmful chemicals need not be used to curb such nuisance. Since sodded lawns require minimal watering, it also means that you’ll save on precious water. Add to these benefits the fact that sods also prevent excessive water runoff, thereby eliminating the need for a separate flood control project.

  • Acts as natural air conditioner. Like trees, sods also effectively cool the surrounding areas and also filter the air. This means that you could enjoy cool, clean air right outside your home.

The good thing about grass sods is that they are effective in beautifying any landscaped area. Grass also maximizes land area, since grass lawns can double as a picnic area or a place where your kids can play.


Plants for Sodding

Among the best plants or grass types for sodding include Bermuda grass, tall fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, Zoysia, centipede, carpet grass, Buffalo grass, fine fescue, Bentgrass, Blue Garma, and more.

At Outdoor Creations, we make sure that we do the necessary preparations to ensure that only high quality sods are installed in our clients’ lawns, and that we do the process correctly.

We begin by painstakingly preparing the soil where the sods are to be placed. This phase requires ensuring that the soil’s pH level is perfect for the specific type of grass or sod that we are to use. We also apply starter fertilizer, weed out the area, and water the soil.

Once the site is already perfect for planting, we then proceed in laying the sods using a very specific process. Once the sods are in place, you only need to water the area every two or three days for one to three months. The succeeding months only require minimal watering.


Getting the Best Sod Installer in Tennessee

With so many companies in Tennessee offering landscaping services such as sodding, why still choose Outdoor Creations.

Hiring us would mean you will be getting superior services and quality sods. We don’t simply install them but we ensure we have the right combination of sods for your landscape. Our installers follow efficient installation processes to achieve positive results.

Lastly, we can service small and large areas, so you won’t have to worry about the size of your lawn.

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About Us

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