Irrigation Maintenance

Irrigation Maintenance

Closing your irrigation system down for the winter correctly is of the utmost importance. We make sure the main and lateral lines are clear of water that can cause problems during cold winters. As winter turns into spring, we activate your system for the growing season. At this time, your system is thoroughly inspected for water coverage and system efficiency. Repairs are made at that time, so your system is operating at its maximum for each growing season. Whether we installed your system or you had installed by another company, we will be happy to take care of any problem that may arise.

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Winterizing: Irrigation Maintenance for the Winter

Irrigation Maintenance

Freezing makes things expand. This expansion doesn’t excuse your irrigation system. That’s why irrigation maintenance before the winter is very important no matter where you are in Memphis or Tennessee. We call this “winterizing” of the system.

The goal is to make sure that no water is left in the pipes before the freezing temperature arrives. It is a must for every system because even the smallest amount of liquid inside can cause huge damage like rupture of the pipes or complete malfunction of the system. These damages will definitely make the system working incompetently. Imagine how much work and money will be spent just to make it work perfectly again.

That’s why we always tell our clients that irrigation maintenance before winter is as important as having the irrigation itself.

Winterizing has many methods. There’s the manual drain method and the automatic drain method. The manual method is simply opening one valve and then letting the water drain through the other valve. If the system allows, automatic winterizing can be done with a push of a button. Both of these systems are okay, but never perfect. They leave water that can still damage the entire system.

Irrigation Maintenance

At Outdoor Creations, we use state-of-the-art technology called “the blowup method.” This involves using of high-pressure compressed air to “blow” everything out from the system, which includes all water and debris trapped in the pipes.

Automatic, manual, and, especially, the blowup winterizing methods are only effective if professionally done because of the sensitivity and danger involved in this irrigation maintenance task.

Efficient Maintenance Procedures

Unfortunately, an irrigation system cannot be simply started up after a long sit back. There is a proper and more efficient way to revive the system for spring.

Turning on the system without proper preparation can be as bad as not winterizing it at all. This is a common problem when hiring inexperienced irrigation maintenance contractor. The winterizing process has made the system inaccessible to anything. Air is trapped in there, and, because of the freezing temperature, the air has expanded. This is the reason why we need to follow systematic procedures when turning the system on.

Irrigation Maintenance

Outdoor Creations will ensure that the system will not be damaged in any way so you can enjoy its efficiency for the longest time.

Irrigation Maintenance for Everyone

There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all irrigation maintenance. We know this; that’s why we always take every job as unique as possible. But why trust us? First of all, we specialize in irrigation and landscaping. With our skills, certifications, and experiences, you are assured of quality craftsmanship for every job that we do.

Aside from our expertise is our partnership with the world’s best provider of irrigation products—RainBird. We are a certified distributor and installer of this amazing company, and we feel so proud to be part of their growing network. We are also a member of the Irrigation Association in Tennessee.

Best of all, we treat all irrigation systems without bias. So don’t hesitate to call us for all your irrigation maintenance needs, whether your system is RainBird or not. Our goal is to satisfy all your needs and wants so you’ll end up highly satisfied.

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About Us

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