Outdoor Creations, LLC proudly features Jerry Horn, the 1963 Tractor Driving Champion of Tishimingo County, Mississippi! Jerry performs the majority of our tractor work and with honors like that, you can rest assured you're in good hands when Jerry is on his John Deere! Contact us to learn more.

Why Grading is a Necessity?

Simply put, grading is the process of changing the existing land so as to accommodate new structures like a house, a commercial building, or a landscape. It is a preparation when building a drainage system and other utilities for an area. In some cases, it is done to improve the traffic circulation, harmony of everything, and overall practical use of the space. Therefore, this process is a necessary step, and not optional, before going any further with the building or installation procedure.

Other than practicality, grading is also important for improving aesthetics. Going with the land’s natural form will limit the installation of other elements in your landscape. The area has to be prepared to accept your most-wanted beautiful landscaping.

For instance, adding stairs, building retaining walls, and including some flat areas for mini gardens will be almost impossible without grading. Even installing the drainage system and gutters will never be feasible without this process.


The Grading Process

Grading is a tough work. That’s why we have here Jeff Horn to help with the process. This man, along with the other skilled men in our team, will make the process as soft as a breeze.

The first thing we’ll do is assess the area so that our team can plan very well the specific tasks to perform. After the assessment, we can start removing the topsoil. Most inexperienced contractors will simply toss this precious soil elsewhere. But we are different. We understand how precious the topsoil is. That’s why we keep this for the later part of the process.

After that will be the soil excavation. This is extremely important if you’re intending to have a pool and other water features. Next will be the rough grading when we will move large amount of dirt so as to shape the land’s foundation. If necessary, we’ll install the irrigation system next. If everything is set and the land is already shaped to your desired design, we do the backfilling. This is where the topsoil is put back on.

Lastly, we’ll do the last stage in the grading process, where we will precisely level, smooth, and prepare the entire area to your specifications.


Why Choose the Experts

Most people will do the grading themselves, thinking that it will save them money. Besides lacking of skills and heavy equipment, another thing that most property owners don’t have is the know-how. You don’t just drive a grader and level the land.

Repairing the damages and then re-grading will be a lot costlier. The wisest, most practical choice is to make sure that the job is done right the first time by a reliable contractor. And we can do that for you.

We also take into account the local laws in Tennessee, the required permits, and existing utilities. This is to ensure that you will not encounter any legal problems and incur additional cost during the landscape development.

So whether you need it for practical or for aesthetics purpose, Outdoor Creations is the company to call for all your grading needs.

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About Us

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