Outdoor Creations, LLC proudly features Jerry Horn, the 1963 Tractor Driving Champion of Tishimingo County, Mississippi! Jerry performs the majority of our tractor work and with honors like that, you can rest assured you're in good hands when Jerry is on his John Deere! Contact us to learn more.

What is Bushhogging?

If you’ve seen or experienced mowing a lawn, then you have the basic idea of what bushhogging is. Basically, it’s the bigger, more powerful, and more demanding kind of lawn mowing. That’s why it’s also mostly applied to bigger areas—not square feet but acres of land.

The term “bushhogging” came from the word “bush hog,” which is the name of one of the first companies that introduced this killer machine. A bush hog is, basically, a tractor with numerous mowers attached to its back. This special design makes it more efficient in removing higher grasses and bigger plants. This machine is also called a “rotary mower.”

When to Have Bushhogging?


Bushhogging is essential when clearing a land. For instance, a new structure can only be built if there are no bushes, grasses, trees, and other unwanted plants in the area. If you have this scenario, a single trip of the bush hog will eliminate the problem. This process is not only applicable to residential landscape development. The job is also recommended for bigger land areas.

There is also a special time of the year when bushhogging should only be done. We do not recommend this during the growing season, because it’s plainly bad for everyone and everything. It’s more ideal to do this when the plants have died down but the new sprouts have not yet grown.

However, if there are cases when you need to clear the land immediately, we can still provide this particular service to you. We will employ efficient techniques so that the results will be exceptional.

A Job Better Left to Professionals


Bushhogging is not an easy job. That’s why we have Jerry Horn to do this task. He has the skill required to perform the job efficiently. And, with the help of the other team members, no job is too large for us. Working on a small residential land would be easy, but working on a larger area with dense vegetation, though difficult, is not a problem for us.

But why should you leave this job to professionals and experienced contractor like us? For one thing, the job should be only performed by a trained and skilled person. The tools and equipment used in this task must be handled properly, too.

The bush hog is not any ordinary mower. It has sharp, thick, and dull blades that can easily cut arms and legs if you’re not careful. Flying debris from bushes and other plants may also put the operator in danger. That is why we always use appropriate safety gears when performing a land-clearing job.

We Leave Your Area Clean

What makes our company excel in this particular job is our commitment to provide clients with exceptional service. Our bushhogging service is not only about removing unwanted vegetation in your land. We see to it that, after the clearing operation, you will have a land that will be free from debris and other waste materials. This will include the proper disposal of these materials.

Call or visit Outdoor Creations now and see the difference of our work. Besides bushhogging, we also offer other landscaping services to various areas in Tennessee and in some cities in Mississippi.

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