Backflow Preventer Certification

Backflow Preventer Certification

Your Backflow Preventer will by law need to be certified annually. Double Check valves have to be tested every 6 months. Occasionally, we find problems. After we consult with you, we will either fix the problem or contact our ( or your) plumber, as necessary. We take care of faxing your report to the appropriate governing body and also keep a copy of the report in our office. Any time upon your request, a copy will be provided to you.

Among the most important irrigation and health safety features of any Tennessee home is the backflow preventer. This rather small and seemingly unimportant device could actually lead to the problem called backflow, which in turn could cause serious health problems in your community.

To ensure that such a problem would not happen, the federal government imposes the need for backflow preventer certification on Tennessee homeowners.

The Health Risks of Water Backflow

Backflow Preventer Certification

Typically, cities in the U.S. have an interconnected system of pipes delivering potable water supply to thousands of homes. The purpose of backflow preventer devices is to ensure that non-potable water and toxic liquids (sewage water, water used for irrigation, toxic wastes) would not find their way into the pipes and connections supplying drinking water to households.

Almost every potable water supply systems have a specific water pressure to ensure that water for human consumption will only flow in one direction. Backflow normally happens when there’s a sudden change in water pressures in the potable water supply system, or when there are problems in backflow preventer devices that are installed in individual households.

When any or both of these occur, unsafe water could flow in the opposite direction and lead straight into the drinking water line, thereby posing health threats to people. These are the primary reasons why backflow preventers are required in every household.

The Need for Routine Inspection and Certification

Backflow Preventer Certification

As mentioned, a single household with a defective backflow device could compromise the water supply of the entire community. This is the reason why Tennessee and other states in the country require backflow preventer certification, aside from the regular inspection of home water utility installations.

And why choose Outdoor Creations for this task? Our company only employs duly certified, highly skilled, and properly trained people to handle your plumbing and water connection problems, including the processing of backflow preventer certification.

When you hire us to certify your backflow preventer, we will thoroughly inspect your water system for possible problems. Should there be any, we will make the necessary steps to ensure that the specific problem is fixed.

Backflow Preventer Certification

Our workers work closely with our clients to know fully their problems and concerns so we could guarantee the exact mode of action to take. Repairs and maintenance are immediately recommended to avoid causing health risks to the community. If you have old and defective devices, we replace them with double check valves. They have reliable sealing features when compared to other backflow devices. With a double check valve, it is like having a double layer of protection against backflow threats.

We Provide Excellent Service

Once we’re 100 percent sure that your backflow preventer is functioning well, we will then issue the needed certification and fax it to the concerned government agency so you’ll be cleared for the year. This is our way of providing excellent service to our clients.

We are not your ordinary plumbing and irrigation company or a fly-by-night certification firm. We are certified members of the Tennessee Landscape Contractors Association, and the Irrigation Association. These industry certifications are our assurance that you are working with professionals who know what they’re doing. We also stop at nothing to deliver top notch services.

Let Outdoor Creations handle your backflow preventer certification. With us, you are guaranteed that your water system will be running smoothly and safely.

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